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"Planet Nine is an atmospheric, first-person puzzle game set in a factory on an abandoned mining planet. The planet has been overwhelmed by a photosensitive toxin and the light is the only means of safety. Players must use their wits and the light to solve complex puzzles and escape the planet…"


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Install instructions

Install the zip folder below and unzip it wherever you wish to have the game installed. Make sure that nothing within the installed folder is moved or deleted once unzipped, as the executable won't be able to run.

Important: Please read the readme.txt file within the build folder for information regarding controls, how to play, the purpose of the current build, as well as the known issues of the current build.

After playing the current build, it'd be super helpful if you're able to fill out the short Feedback Form based on your most recent play session. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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